Philemon Mukarno

Sound art

full creative value

each piece has a strong economy of means and a strict control of form. means and form are use by mukarno in an elementary and powerful way

Philemon Mukarno


The variety thus attained is striking. In spite of the frequent use of rough, unpolished sounds, there is a world of difference between for example the almost primal force of DOG and the more lyrical atmosphere of Online.

‘The complete absence of irony [e.g. in the form of quotation, reference or comment] is remarkable. It is especially this lack of distance put his music in the total beliefe in what the pieces are, which puts Mukarno in his unique place among his contemporaries.’

Philemon Mukarno

His music is immediately recognizable, and no matter if he writes for traditional instruments or highly unusual setups, acoustic or electronic, and no matter if the composition is highly complex and virtuosic or carried by great simplicity.

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